Build Your Best Writing Habit Mini-Course

We put together this video training to help you start a writing habit that works for you

In these videos you’ll learn how to form a regular practice of writing that fits your life and how to maintain it over the long haul of writing your book. We also talk about the writing technique (creative cross-training) that we stumbled upon in grad school and how we made it into a system for building up creative muscles! When you feel stuck, just pop into the Creative Cross-Training Course and do an Expressive Subjects writing prompt. You got this!

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Grab the Excel version of the Writing Habit tracker! 

The dates will automatically change when you change the month.

Lesson 2: Maintaining Momentum

Lesson 3: The Creative Cross-Training Method

We’re always happy to help writers get set up for their best writing life! If you have any questions or comments, send us an email (bookendswriting @

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You got this!

Jon + Erika