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~ gift certificate to the online course Creative Cross-Training for Writers ~

Have someone on your list who loves to write? Share with them the joy of writing by giving them access to Creative Cross-Training for Writers, an online course we built to help people reconnect with their creativity and build a daily practice of writing.

Over 21 days, you’ll foster a daily commitment to sit down and play with language. Whether that be writing a haiku, a limerick (Erika’s favourite), or an open letter to an inanimate object, we challenge you to write in different and innovative forms of writing. It’s creative cross-training because you can bring your other writing projects into these forms and let your imagination run free. Or start from scratch and see where your writing takes you.

It’s the perfect gift for that friend who’s always writing in their journal, or your aunt who has always loved poetry but never knew how to start writing her own. Writing short ‘expressive subject’ prompts like these is a perfect way to start a writing habit. It’s also a great way to dabble in many forms without having to invest a lot of time or money to learn each one. You get a copy of Expressive Subjects (which has 25 writing prompts with examples) and 21 video lessons that will teach you how to get started. 


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