Are you looking for feedback on your writing so that you can improve and write better stories?

Do you want external accountability for ambitious writing and publishing goals, and guidance from people who have been where you are?

Do you want help understanding the self-publishing process and how to launch books successfully?

Book a free discovery call to see if we’re a good fit before you commit!

Here’s how we can work together:

Get Feedback on Writing

Work with us to find your writing aesthetic, get feedback on a piece of writing, or feedback on precise areas that would dramatically improve your writing.

We offer coaching services starting at 2 sessions. We find that writers get the most out of these sessions when they can get concrete feedback and try implementing it. This is why we have a minimum of 2 sessions.

2 sessions for $299 CAN: Written feedback on 2,000 words per session and 30-min video calls to discuss.

4 sessions: $449 CAN: Written feedback on 2,000 words per session and 30-min video calls to discuss.

Weekly accountability
If you’re looking for accountability and someone to submit pages to for feedback on an ongoing basis, ask us about a custom package! In our Writing Bootcamp program we work with writers using weekly video check-ins and weekly written feedback on writing to great effect. Writers feel productive, supported, and accountable to moving their writing projects forward.

Start a Writing Habit

In two 60-minute sessions we’ll help you set up a writing habit that works for you. We’ll share our system for scheduling writing sessions into your week alongside periodic breaks and downtime. 

Investment: $225 CAN

Get unstuck

Sometimes you just need an outside perspective on a problem to get you moving again. If you’re working through a creative block or want help getting organized for a writing project, we’ll help you gain momentum towards your writing goals.

Investment: $125 CAN for a 60-minute video call + a plan of action to move you forward