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A writing mentorship program made for new and emerging writers, tailored to fit your writing project, with individual support and feedback from us, a writer-editor dream team.

Work with us to move towards your writing goals! 

Writing can be daunting and overwhelming.

We help authors write their book through a structured, step-by-step process & 1-on-1 personal coaching.

This program will help you get a full draft manuscript written in 8 weeks.



1-on-1 coaching

8 coaching calls with the instructor about your progress. Ask him anything!

tailored feedback

Get developmental feedback on your writing as you go. Avoid problems later.

online course

40 videos and weekly worksheets and resources.

Take the pressure off and work with “book people” who will guide you through the process. 

If you’re a creative big-picture thinker, having great ideas is what you do. We can harness those ideas and insights and teach you strategies to channel them into a structure that speaks to your readers. Writing a book is hard work, and you definitely have it in you to write yours.

Invest in yourself today and get direct guidance from experts. Who better than to have a writer and editor on your team as you write your book.


The Writing Bootcamp isn’t for everyone. The course is an intensive eight week approach to writing and manuscript development. You need to commit at least five hours a week to reviewing course materials, working with the instructor, and of course on your own writing.

No. As long as you have an idea for your book project, and as long as you are committed to writing your manuscript, you don’t need any advanced writing for the course. If you do have writing already in place for your book, that’s great, and this course is an opportunity to workshop and refine your writing.

We want to make sure this course is a good fit for you, so we ask you to fill out a brief application to tell us a little about your book idea. Then, we schedule a Discovery Call to speak with you in more detail about the course and how it unfolds. The application process takes about a week.

Course modules are organized to unfold over eight weeks, working from early stages of developing a manuscript right through to publishing your book. Each week you submit at least a chapter for developmental editing, and each week we have a one-on-one video conference to talk about your writing. You can start any time, but we can only work with five writers at one time so please contact us for more details.

Generally, the course is one-on-one with you and the instructor, and you will not be working with other course participants.

If you have any questions about the Writing Bootcamp, please send us an email:

Meet the Team

Jon Parsons,
Course Instructor

Jon's headshot

Jon is a writer, researcher, and teacher. He is the author of Everyday Dissent: Politics and Resistance in Newfoundland and Labrador, a self-published book based on his journalism, and Expressive Subjects, a collection of creative writing prompts.

He has a PhD in English (from Memorial University) and has taught university-level writing courses and workshops for undergraduate and graduate students. He has helped hundreds of students improve their writing and learn the fundamentals of effective storytelling.

His writing covers a range of topics and genres with a focus on creative nonfiction.

Erika Steeves,

Erika's headshot

Erika has been working with academics, entrepreneurs, and self-publishing writers for nearly a decade. She loves working with driven and creative people, people with big dreams who want to make a difference and share their expertise and insights with the world.

She has an MA in Philosophy (from Brock University). She has worked as an in-house editor for traditional publishing companies, but she’s most fulfilled helping people write books and navigate the ever-evolving world of self-publishing. 

Everyone has a story to tell and Erika loves facilitating that process for writers.


Course Curriculum

What People Say About Working With Jon & Erika


The coaching calls provided me with great feedback, insight, and motivation.

"Writing a book is a challenge that I always knew I wanted to take on, but never knew where to begin. I was introduced to Erika and Jon through my business mentor, and as soon as I met them it was clear through their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm that they were the right people to support me through the process of writing my first book.

The weekly sessions helped keep me on pace as I developed my book concept into an outline and then into writing actual chapters. The coaching calls provided me with great feedback, insight, and motivation. They were the most beneficial part of the program for me because they kept me accountable. I don’t think I could have gotten this far on my book without Erika and Jon’s help, and I thank them both!"
author image
Melissa Ball

With their help, I am leaps and bounds ahead of the game...

Jon and Erika are a writer’s dream team! With their support, I transformed my PhD dissertation into a far more accessible book. Over the course of eight weeks, I drafted a book proposal, which was accepted by a leading Canadian academic publisher. Moreover, I finished a full first draft.

The weekly activities and one-on-one meetings kept me laser-focused on my goal. I learned that getting pages out for review is more valuable than spending an inordinate amount of time polishing one small section. With their help, I am leaps and bounds ahead of the game. I whole-heartedly endorse working with Jon and Erika!

If you've ever wanted to write a book and aren't sure where to start, this program is for you!

"I’ve always loved to write but never thought my writing was good enough for a book. The 8-Week Writing Bootcamp has helped me gain confidence in my writing and refine my message, while giving me enough structure to finally get things done.

For years I procrastinated and set aside my own goals to serve my clients. Jon and Erika helped me realize that by setting aside time to work on this project I would be serving my clients in ways I had never imagined possible.

My favourite part of the program has been the personal attention and feedback I’ve gotten as I’ve worked through each step. The Bookends Writing team provide the perfect environment to get out of your own way and finally get your message out there.

I'm not sure I can express how invaluable working with Erika and Jon on my first self-published book has been...

"I came to them in need of direction, guidance and editing to get my finished manuscript ready for publishing. Jon was fantastic in providing structural edits that created a thoughtful flow for the reader and a framework to offer coherence. Erika was wonderful with copy editing and proofreading, ensuring that my message was clear and concise and formatted the final draft beautifully, paying attention to details I would have easily missed or overlooked.

Both were encouraging, knowledgeable and highly skilled and together walked me through the entire process and helped me create something I was proud to publish.

I'm so grateful to have had their support and services through this process and am looking forward to working with them again."