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The mini-course goes through the exact steps we took to become consistent writers. These three video lessons will teach you how to start a daily habit and how you can tap into your creative side.

Lesson 1: Starting Your Writing Habit
Lesson 2: Maintaining Your Writing Habit
Lesson 3: The Creative Cross-Training Method

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Do you struggle with maintaining a regular practice of writing?

Do you want to be able to sit down and write every day (or close to) without all the self-sabotage and guilt?

Developing a writing habit is one of the most important things any writer can do for their future progress. Once you have it set up, and can maintain it over the long haul, you’ll be able to crush any writing goal you set your mind to.

Want to write a book? You can.

Love to write poetry? You will.

Want to journal every day just to clear your mind and get organized? Easy.

How to Write a Book and Write Consistently


Writing Habit Mini-Course

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